High Point Cabinets: Our Process Start To Finish


High Point Cabinets are your number one choice when it comes to custom cabinetry. We pride ourselves on the quality of cabinets we provide to our wonderful clients. Our cabinets are Amish-built and of outstanding quality.  

The first step when creating custom cabinetry is the initial meeting. We love to get to know our clients during this meeting and talk about your vision for your custom Amish-built cabinetry. When you choose High Point Cabinets, we want to review our process and what to expect. 

After our initial meeting, we will travel to your home to look at the area we will be working with. We will take pictures measurements to make sure what we are building will be the perfect fit. This part is vital, so we take our time to ensure that all the measurements are accurate. We want to make sure that we build everything at the correct size. 

Next, we move on to the creative process. We sketched out all the ideas we discussed together. We will share these ideas with you every step of the way to ensure that we are all on the same page! This is a trial and error phase as we start to bring your vision to life!  

The next step in the creative process is we take the final proof of the sketches you decide on and make them digital. This is called a CAD drawing. This really gives you a good look at what your kitchen or bathroom will look like after the finished product. We want to provide nothing but the highest quality!

Now we are getting to the fun part! We start to build your cabinets. Everything is Amish built. We are proud to provide custom cabinetry in Columbus, Ohio. We are sure to thoroughly go over all the specifications in the design process to ensure all the measurements we build are correct. 

The final process is once the custom Amish-built cabinets are finished, we carefully pack them up and bring them to your home for installation. This is absolutely the most fun part of the process! We love seeing your vision come to life! High Point Cabinets are sure to get the job done promptly and bring all your cabinet visions to life for any Amish-built cabinetry in Columbus, Ohio! 


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