Benefits of Custom Cabinetry


    Doing home renovations can be a very stressful time, especially when your home is tore up and you still aren't sure about what you want your final look to be. It is very easy to find businesses who can fully customize the look of your home, from your bedroom and bathroom, to your living room and basement furnishings, and luckily this is the same for your kitchen. At High Point Cabinets, right outside of Fredericksburg, Ohio, we have the knowledge and experience to give you exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your homes cabinets, yes you could buy a set from a stock seller, but why do that when you can get custom cabinets with personality and style. We think you should look at all of your options, so below are just a few benefits you receive from getting a fully customized cabinet set.

  • Custom cabinets are highly coveted because they are built to fit your lifestyle. When you have the ability to build your own cabinets you have control over everything. You decide the design, how they need to work with your cooking habits, how much storage you need, and where you want to put them if you have a uniquely shaped kitchen. Which by the way will fit perfectly, as the team who will be installing them can take the exact measurements. 
  • You can pick the materials that are used when making your cabinets, from the wood used, to the stain and hardware that you like the most and will match the best with what you want. If you go with stock cabinets, you have to deal with what you get, and it may be cheaply made depending on where you go. Plus being able to add little touches like the hardware on your cabinets will only represent your style more.
  • Many kitchens have less cabinetry than what they can fit in the room. This is because stock cabinets are made in certain sizes to fit the "average" kitchen. Choosing custom cabinets will help you optimize the space of your kitchen. You can order any size you want and put them exactly where you need them, which is helpful if you are exceptionally tall or short. 
  • Like we said before, custom cabinets are made from the materials you pick, which means you don't have to worry about cheap wood doors breaking and hardware snapping off the front. If you choose custom cabinets our team of experts will carefully craft your cabinets with their hands, taking extra care to make your furnishings. Stock cabinets are thrown together on an assembly line with inexpensive nails and glue that may not last. While you may have to pay a little more for custom cabinets, in the end you are saving money because our cabinets will last you longer.
    There are definitely way more benefits to getting custom built cabinetry and that is why High Point Cabinets strives to give our customers the best in Ohio. If you are in need of cabinets and have chosen to go the custom route we are here for you! Call us or email us and we can come out and help you start your custom cabinet journey.



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